Aquate Pressure Sewer Systems

Aquate Low Pressure Systems are ideal for rural areas where conventional gravity sewer systems are impractical or cost prohibitive

In contrast to traditional gravity sewer networks where deep pipes are installed along with a series of large pump stations, low pressure systems utilise small pump stations on each property to transfer household wastewater to a centralised treatment facility.  Utilising a high head grinder pump and small diameter pipes, the Aquate  Pressure Sewer System can transport wastewater  long distances and achieve large vertical lifts.

The Aquate  pressure sewer system combines a proven progressive cavity grinder pump, an advanced electronic control system and a high quality polyethylene storage chamber to create a reliable, cost effective solution for low pressure systems.


The Aquate pressure sewer system uses the the Zoeller 7021 progressive cavity grinder pump that is certified to the ANSI:NSF46 requirements.  Zoeller utilises a hardened stainless steel cutter assembly which is field-tested and designed to provide a scissor-like cutting action, which means materials will not have the chance to wrap around the cutter or impellor and jam the pump. With this advanced engineering, the Shark® grinder pump can withstand anything normally found in a sewer application.

Aquate also offer engineering expertise to assist in the design and specification of the right system for each project along with ongoing backup and servicing for each system.


Electrical Controllers

All Aquate Low Pressure Systems come complete with an advanced electrical controller that is typically installed on a nearby dwelling.

  • Designed for outside use in harsh NZ weather
  • Lockable IP 65 rated enclosure
  • Visual and audible alarm system
  • High level alarm
  • Over pressure protection
  • Pump motor protection against variable electricity supply
  • Pump failure alarm
  • Records performance data of the system
  • Telemetry if required