Flovac Vacuum Sewer Systems

Flovac vacuum systems are a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gravity sewers and low pressure solutions, providing low maintenance, efficient and reliable sewage reticulation.

Vacuum systems utilise a central pump station that generate a strong vacuum in a shallow pressure pipe network. Sewage from multiple homes is collected in a series of valve pits before being propelled by the vacuum in the pipe network to the central pump station. This wastewater is then transported to a Wastewater Treatment Plant for treatment. Vacuum sewer systems have been accepted in over 40 countries since the 1960’s as a low cost environmentally friendly method of transferring wastewater from houses to treatment plants.


How It Works

The shallow, small diameter vacuum sewer lines in a Flovac System are under a vacuum of -50kPa to -75kPa created by the vacuum pumps located at a central vacuum pump station. Sewage flows by gravity from homes into a collection sump. When 40 litres accumulates in the sump, the vacuum interface valve automatically opens and differential air pressure propels the sewage from the sump into the vacuum main. Sewage flows through the vacuum lines and into the collection tank at the vacuum station. Sewage pumps then transfer the sewage from the collection tank to the wastewater treatment facility. There are no electrical connections required at the home. Power is necessary only at the vacuum station.

State-of-the-art Technology

Vacuum sewer systems are used all over the world and their use has risen dramatically over the past ten years. Many now view vacuum as the system of choice because initial costs and on-going operating expenses are low. The system requires no manholes and eliminates exposure of operators to raw sewage. With minimal disruption to the surrounding environment during installation, the technology is also starting to gain world wide recognition for its low carbon footprint.

Design Expertise

Flovac are experts in solving difficult wastewater engineering problems in unique geographic areas or in environmentally sensitive areas. All Flovac Vacuum Systems are designed to meet Australian and New Zealand Standards. Flovac works closely with engineering consultants and water authorities to cater for individual site-specific needs.


Extremely low breakdown, callout and maintenance costs have made Flovac systems the industry leader in the ‘whole of life’ cost for sewerage systems. The valves have been designed to be extremely robust and therefore come with an unprecedented 10 year warranty.

New Zealand Projects

There are currently two Flovac projects being constructed in Christchurch as part of the rebuild project.  These are both due to be commissioned in early 2014.   Click in the links below for articles on these projects.

Shirley Flovac Vacuum System – a first for New Zealand

Prestons Sub-division Flovac Vacuum System – the largest residential vacuum system in New Zealand