Aquate Pump Stations

Aquate offer a wide range of pump stations for most domestic or commercial applications. Manufactured in either polyethylene or concrete, the Aquate range comes complete with an electrical controller, either one or two high quality pumps, alarms and all internal pipework. Aquate Pump Stations are delivered to site ready to be installed, keeping site work to a minimum

What system do you need?

The right system for your site will depend on the type of water being pumped and the layout and geography of your site. A range of grinders, cutters, vortex or drainage pumps are available to suit all applications. Contact Aquate to discuss your technical requirements.



  • 450 Series – The 450 Series pump station is suitable for small dwellings such as granny flats, basements, carparks or kitchens. They are not suitable for whole house applications and due to the reduced storage, are not suitable for sites where high flows are expected.  Suitable for either wastewater or stormwater, the chambers are manufactured from polyethylene and come complete with either a sealed lid or a frame and grate for stormwater applications.
  • 900 Series –  The 900 Series pump station is perfect for individual houses or larger stormwater applications.  The 900 litre chamber includes 24 hours of storage for typical domestic houses and is manufactured from high quality polyethylene.  The 900 Series pump station includes a single pump sized for each application.
  • 1350 Series - The 1350 Series pump station is perfect for larger houses or small commercial applications.  The 1350 litre chamber is manufactured from high quality polyethylene and can incorporate two pumps if required.
  • Commercial Series – The Aquate range of commercial pump stations are custom designed for each project. They can be manufactured in a light-weight polypropylene tank with volumes of 2700, 3750, 4800 or 6500 litres.   Concrete chambers are also available in a wide range of sizes.  The commercial systems typically incorporate two pumps and an advanced electronic controller.

Control Panels

All Aquate pump stations come complete with an electrical controller that can be located on the pump chamber or installed at a nearby dwelling. The controllers are simple and easy to install. Standard controllers feature audio and visual alarms for pump failure and high water situations. Additional features can be included if required.

  • Made from UV stabilised plastic
  • Designed for outside use in the harsh NZ weather
  • IP rating of up to IP66
  • Designed for continuous temp range of -50 to 70Deg C
  • High level alarm
  • Audio alarm
  • Pump motor protection
  • Ability to be upgraded for duty/standby or duty/assist applications